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Gliding Brow Lifts

Gliding Brow Lift was first developed to allow brow repositioning with minimal hairline alteration and minimal incision length. In combination with hemostatic nets, it can provide excellent rejuvenation of the tired or sad looking brow. In select patients we can adjust the slope of the eyelids for a more refreshed or exotic look.

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Dorsal Preservation Rhinoplasty

In patients with favorable bony and cartilage anatomy, we can preserver the natural dorsum and simply lower and straighten it to remove the hump. This provides much less risk of irregularity compared to conventional techniques. Dr. Valnicek has been doing this for a year and is attending a 3 day course in October in Ft. Lauderdale to get hands on training with the world experts in this option.

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J – Plasma

Dr. Valnicek is the only surgeon with both Vaser and Bodytite technology for skin and tissue tightening. We now also offer J-Plasma as well. Having all three options helps optimize the results of liposuction and improve skin tightness over the long run.

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Body-Jet Eco and Dilute Fat for Facial Wrinkling

Adding volume to select areas of the face can help improve the deflation that many of us experience with aging. Some get it young if it runs in the family. A combination of micro fat for localized volume and dilute fat for general deflation can work very well. Dr. Valnicek uses his Body-Jet Eco to harvest fat with a gentle water jet system. This creates very soft small particle fat for creating volume and a tissue regenerative effect on aged or sun damaged facial or neck skin. The fat also works well for hand rejuvenation.

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Hand Rejuvenation

Fat grafting to the back of the hand can improve the appearance, skin quality and softness. We use the Body-jet Eco to obtain very soft fat with extremely high viability for this grafting process.

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Curious About Your Options?

Dr. Stan is happy to answer any question and talk about the best options for each individual patient.
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